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*** Updated Tomahawk Race Schedule ***

Tomahawk Order of the Day

USSA’s Annual Awards Banquet

April 1, 2017. For more information and to RSVP, click on the following link.

Awards Banquet Form

WOJO's Rodeo adds to F-500 Purse at the 525.

WOJO's Rodeo has added an additional $300 to the first place purse for the F-500 event at the 525.

The extended lap feature (15 Laps) will challenge the drivers and bring focus on F-500 Drivers who have the strength, determination and endurance to complete a longer lap final.

USSA has many excellent F-500 drivers, but additionally challenge them to this extended feature for a even greater test of their skills. In a recent conversation with Jerry Korinek, Wojo mentioned that F-500 is a stepping stone class, and when drivers move into other classes, they need the endurance and strength to compete in extended lap events. This event is the start of many future extended lap events for F-500 with USSA.

Wojo's career in Snowmobile racing from various stock classes, the mighty Formula III sleds, and in recent years making "second" career appearances in F-500 and Combo allows him to make a factual review of what drivers need and how they should train.

Keith and Dana follow this philosophy in all of their business operations, whether it is in Wojo's Rodeo, Wojo's Horse training, or their Rodeo contracting business. See Wojo's Horse Training & Wojo's Greenbush Rodeo on Facebook for info on their activities.

So, drivers, in addition to the $300 Greg Peterson Racing, first place money, $125 Pro Star Money, first place money, and the normal purse payback (100% entry, paid 45%, 25%, 15%, 10%,5%) Wojo's rodeo will add an additional $300 for the winner. You best be there!!!!!

Fans be sure to attend the 525 to see this event, and support all the charity activities of the 525.

Jerold Korinek - Director of Competition USSA - 1-23-2017

Please review and plan your schedules for the Wausau 525 Event.

Wausau 525 Order of the Day

We have made changes requested by drivers to make the day flow better, and allow drivers to compete safely and efficiently in more classes.

Combo will now be ran on Saturday, so as not to overlap with GPR F-500, so drivers will have the ability to have properly prepared sleds and time between events.

USSA Pro Lite will run two heat sessions on Saturday as they do on Sunday during the V-Force portion of the show. This comes from competitor request for additional track time for this feature class.

Test and Tune times will be posted for the 525 at a later date. At this point it is weather dependent. USSA will converse with the 525 principals and will jointly post any news concerning the schedule.

Thank you for the support and participation at Ironwood, and best of luck for this weekend's efforts at the World Championship Snowmobile Derby in Eagle River.
From USSA Director of Competition - Jerry Korinek

Mechanical issue cited as the initial cause of the Ironwood Olympus crash in the TLR Cup feature event.

John Goede reports that after thorough examination of the #28 Arctic Cat, by Goede Team members, and other directly involved individuals it was determined the #28 suffered an engine mechanical malfunction, and the resultant loss of power, instantaneously slowing the vehicle on the exit of turn four in the second lap of the event.

John noted that Matt, with all of his pain and trauma, while laying on the ice at the track, informed his Dad that the machine had broken in some fashion. The incident that took place was instantaneous, and nothing could be done to alert anyone else of the situation.

Rumors of driving style, and aggressive action on the track by other drivers is unfounded and does not accurately portray the incident. Goede's 3-G Team prides itself on integrity, fair and honest competition, and feels that all other teams should be judged in the same way. The sled was prepared for competition in the most professional manner possible, with participation by not only the Goede team, but the group of experts, that accompanied them on this event.

Racing has inherent dangers, and those possibilities are accepted by any rider in any class participating in USSA-ORA-CPTC-and CPT sanctioned TLR Cup events.

Matt, Jacob and John wish to encourage all drivers to obtain and wear the best safety equipment possible, and to use all of it, every time they are on the sled, whether in practice or competition. While Matt's injuries are extensive and severe, they could have been much worst or possibly fatal without the high- quality equipment they use.

It is also important to note, that Jacob Goede will be competing this weekend at the Eagle River Worlds Championship Vintage Derby, representing the Team, and his brother, Matt. If attending the event, please show your support for this dynamic race team.

Various charity funds have been established and a key charity auction has been created to assist the riders involved in this incident and another incident earlier in the season at previous event. Please contribute to these special fund raisers for all drivers involved.

Jerold Korinek
Director of Competition-USSA
Staff Consultant -TLR Cup

To all USSA Drivers and Crew: Update for Ironwood, 1-3-17

Ironwood Event Timeline

Ironwood had a successful event this past weekend with PVR. They are now in the process of preparing for USSA to race at the Gogebic Fairgrounds next weekend.

USSA registration will be open at Ironwood on Friday also, no definite time set as of yet, but anticipate opening of the trailer around 11:30 barring any unforeseen complications. If earlier we will notify you on Facebook.

Registration will open on Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 and close at 8:00 AM. This is time critical. We will have hot laps after Registration closes for a SHORT (30 minute) period of time. Those who have participated in Friday Test and Tune, please allow the folks who could not, have a lap or two. These sessions are extremely limited, and are scheduled for 30 minutes only. (SAT and SUN)

There will be test and tune at the facility on Friday. This is a for fee track rental session, with all proceeds going to Ironwood Olympus. Test and Tune start time is 1:15 PM. It is an insured session under our master policy. It is set up for several sleds at a time, but under full control for safety.

Safety inspection will be open Friday afternoon at Ironwood also. Tentative 11:30 to 4:00. We will have two inspectors on hand. Print off your inspection sheet and have the top filled out please. Bring it and your safety gear to tech, with you. Please co operate, it will make all go a lot smoother.

Race-Ceivers will be needed by ALL ! PLEASE HAVE YOURS ALONG AND CARRY SPARE BATTERIES! USSA will have only a few (Batteries and Race-Ceivers) on hand for emergencies. This is your responsibility and involves your safety on the track. Please obtain and know how to use the Race-Ceiver properly, and remember to wear them each time out.

Batteries are in Tech trailer at $1.00 each. Race Ceivers are in Tech Trailer, rental is $20, and you leave your charge card or Drivers License till returned. Our supply is not a rental set up, it is only for use if yours are damaged or fail during the event.

They can be obtained new for $120 or less, and last forever, get yours now. Frequency used is 454.000 Most drivers know someone in car racing that uses them, if you want to arrange with friends to use their's fine, but you MUST have one to race. They are available at most racer supply outlets and on line. It is best to own your own. We suggest the Model FD 1600 Plus with the EP Semi Pro dual ear pieces. These are the models the TLR guys use and they work well. Race-Ceiver LLC 1-866-301-7223 or

Driver Medical! You must buy online, there will be no one event policies sold on site. Keep your emailed confirmation receipt on your phone, or tablet to show Lisa or Deanna. Do not expect the staff to sell you insurance, we have no procedure as to how to do it in place. Without driver medical we will not allow you to race, period. We will refund your entry less charges if this should happen.

Drivers and Crew, please swing by Registration trailer and sign a card for Gavin Bihner, we will have one there for your messages. We will also have a donation jar with your gifts if you wish, for him. Get Well, Gavin!!!!

We have had communication with his Dad, and Greg wishes to send a message to all: Please get the best Safety Gear available and wear it!! Although seriously hurt, Gavin's equipment protected him greatly and prevented most catastrophic injuries. Stay safe, and wear your equipment at all times.

Sunday will be a SET TIME event for TLR CUP Champ classes. We will start each round at a specific time, and the Feature will be at a specific time. USSA will strive to meet those timelines inside our order of the day as posted, however, if we do not, for any reason, we will be starting each TLR Champ round on Sunday, and the TLR Champ final on Sunday, at the pre set time. We will run any remaining events after the TLR Cup Champ event.

The great acceptance of the Ditch-Banger TV production has required this, to represent TLR and USSA in a professional fashion. By the way, for your friends at home, tell them to watch it. The BRRP event was great, camera angles very good, and many calls to us and them as to how clear, and vibrant the footage was. This is a top shelf group!!! Thanks Barry and Staff, and of course Lindsey, Brett, Todd and Tommy Lipar over at TLR.

See Ya There!!!
Jerry Korinek

Press Update: 12-20-2016

Additional funding has been added to the T.J. Patrick sponsored Governors Cup Junior II Sprint event at Ironwood.

Tom Auvinen of the Ironwood Group has informed us that Red's Auto of Ironwood has added to the purse for the event and encourages all Junior II drivers to compete in the event during the Olympus.

The purse for this race now stands at $500 to win, $200 for second, and $50 for third for this enviable race.

TJ Patrick

Adding this event to the Ironwood Olympus is one of the many reasons for fans to attend and witness the best in racing. Join all the other fans and watch the following events: TLR Cup, USSA Pro Star, GPR F-500 and Pro Lite will all be part of the featured events at the Ironwood Olympus, "Where the Legends run"!

Watch next week for the unveiling of the beautifully restored trophy, prior to the Ironwood race! Stay tuned.

Jerry Korinek
USSA Director Of Competition.

Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Nov 28,2016

USSA and Tomahawk Speedway have announced Tomahawk Speedway's joining the USSA Pro Star / TLR Cup Series for the Feb 24-25, 2017.

Track owner Andrew Bartelt and USSA Director Of Competition Jerry Korinek met and approved the details of the upcoming event.

Korinek commented, "Andy has shown he has the drive and determination to make this event very successful. Andy and his business partner Marilyn Fanetti have taken a shuttered auto racing facility and in 90 days revived and expanded it. Truly a remarkable task. Now with a year of promoting dirt car racing events, Andrew sees the opportunity to join the ranks of premier ice oval promoters in the Midwest."

Bartelt commented, "This will be a full show, with TLR Cup events, GPR F-500 series, and Pro Lite Series events. We at Tomahawk Speedway really wanted to get involved in the fast, exciting ice oval series, and when another event on the circuit had some scheduling issues, Bob Richardson, USSA's Outlaw Class representative contacted us and wanted to see if we had interest. Advance a few days, and we are signed and already getting work done to prepare. We are excited, this will be a great event."

Bob Richardson, USSA board member felt this was a ideal match for USSA and Tomahawk Speedway. The racetrack lies in the heart of ice oval racing activity and is a well managed facility. Promotion here is very aggressive. Bob said, "nothing beats hard work, and Andy and his partners certainly work hard on this facility and on the events they offer".

USSA feels very confident in the upcoming event, and appreciates Tomahawk Speedways ability to schedule and promote the event on such aggressive timeframe.

Check our Facebook page and the USSA Pro Star website for updated information and scheduling.

Last year during the season on track situations caused additional rules to be established during the ISR rules session. These affect restarts, restart assistance, crews ability to work on sled, and driver repair of sled. These rules were generated from an incident at TLR event, not part of the USSA Prostar Series.

Restart assistance on the track:
With the Race Director’s permission, only one (1) crewmember (per snowmobile) will be allowed on the track in the event the competitor cannot start his/her snowmobile alone. No mechanical work can be performed by the crew member. He may assist the driver in starting the sled, by pulling the recoil device/rope, controlling throttle, applying choke/enrichner, or alternate fuel delivery squirt bottle, removing the hood, securing hood, and tether switch, handing safety and personal equipment to driver.

Fluid replenishment and inspection under red flag conditions:
(Oval Sprint) Under Red Flag conditions up to 3 pit crew members per sled are allowed on track to add slide lube and perform engine and radiator cooling functions to the sled. Upon be summoned to restart, all crew members shall leave the track surface except the designated crew member who assists in the engine starting procedure with the driver.

Driver repair of sled under red flag conditions:
Under the red or yellow flag, drivers only may work on their snowmobiles on the course proper and must use only parts and tools carried on the course by themselves, or contained on the vehicle at the beginning of the event/race. Race director has authority to indicate to driver which items are acceptable to carry on ones person, or must be compartmentalized in the vehicle. Note: Under Red or yellow Flag only. No work can be done during green flag racing.

Special Note: Drivers tools and repair parts must be compartmentalized in the sled chassis. Drivers are not allowed to carry specific tool items on their body, as this is considered a safety hazard during crash situations.

Ski Loop failure and disqualification rules updates were generated from a incident at a USSA TLR event but affects all classes except Outlaw.

Ski Loop Failure:
Ski loop failure during an event is a automatic mechanical black flag. The disqualification for the race will take place whether the driver is notified while on the track or not. This includes notification by Black Flag, notification by radio transmission, or verbal notification after the event either by the race director, flagman, or technical inspector.

Ski loop failure in a heat, round or final event results in a DQ (disqualification) from that particular event. In the case of rounds, drivers may repair and return to the next round of competition. In the case of race events that pay points or money for positions in rounds, drivers will be given the scoring position earned by the normal scoring procedure order of finish. In the case of race events that pay money for a all positions in a final, the driver will be given position earned in normal scoring procedure order of finish.

In the case of events with heats, DQ'd drivers will be allowed to repair and enter the final, only if positions are open on the line after normal scoring procedures for all other competitors is completed. These rules apply to all sleds in OVAL SPRINT COMPETITION. These rules do not apply to Outlaw 600 class.

New Safety Equipment requirements:
All oval classes except 120 will be required to wear operational race-ceivers during competition. This will allow the race director or his designate to communicate restart order, possible pending mechanical failures to drivers, and relay information on driver conduct during a event. This will be mandatory at all USSA events. Please source your race-ceiver locally and have with you at the track when competing. Since they are plentiful and used in most car racing organizations, obtaining one should be a simple task. USSA will keep several on hand in case yours fails during a event. Rental of the unit will be done by leaving your driver's license or a valid charge card with USSA, Rental will be $50.00 per event, if needed. Race-ceivers are normally sold in the $100.00 to $160.00 range depending on ear piece, so it is your best interest to obtain one before the season and have it ready with your helmet and Safe-Jac. USSA will stock spare batteries for sale for the units at $2.00 each. Please prepare ahead of time so you can comply with this new rule.

Example of Race Ceiver unit. This is From Speedway Motors Website for reference. Price: $99.99

Raceceiver FD1600+ Fusion Plus

The RACEceiver Fusion+ with New & Improved Features:
Button Lock
Louder Audio
Narrow Band Radio Compatible
The RACEceiver Fusion+ for Drivers is being mandated at short tracks all over the country. This small communication device is revolutionizing the industry, making the sport safer for both the drivers and officials. It saves time by allowing officials to talk to all the drivers at the same time and lets you get on to more racing. The officials can warn drivers about accidents or debris on the track.

Virtually all tracks and series today use frequencies between 450-470mhz, and the RACEceiver Fusion+ handles all of them! They are preprogrammed, just dial up the channel you need to use. The RACEceiver Fusion+ has a programmable default channel so that you can save the channel that your track is using. Also the NEW button lock feature prevents unwanted channel or volume changes. It’s small size, great price, and reception—make it a awesome value. Your RACEceiver Fusion+ comes with a holster clip, AAA battery and instructions. Be sure to pick the Earpiece that best suits your needs.

Helmet Certification:
ISR rules allow for this to be the last year for 2010 Certified helmets. NEXT season, helmet requirements will be SNELL 2015, or ECE 22.05 European.

Online Registration:
Online registration through "Race Day" will be required. We understand that at times people have varied from this procedure and the registration staff has accommodated the affected driver. This will no longer be allowed. Register and pay for your entry on line. Thank you.

ISR Insurance Card:
Drivers are required to purchase insurance and carry their ISR/USAC Insurance card. Insurance will be available to purchase after Nov 1, 2016 on the ISR website. special this year are rates for crew and media members, extra/excess coverage. Take advantage of it please.

Staff Card:
USSA staff will all be required to obtain a ISR/USAC card as proof of minimal coverage for accidents. This card will be no charge for USSA staff members. All Staff Members must apply and carry/display their card.

Membership Requirements:
TLR Drivers be aware that USSA requires a membership from all drivers competing in a USSA event. One event memberships are acceptable for TLR events for drivers who may not make all of the events in the series. Also be aware that this season venues on the TLR circuit may charge membership to participate for drivers and crew where historically there has not been a charge. Please plan and budget accordingly when traveling to other events.

Special Note:
The World Championship Snowmobile Derby event will not have an ASC membership charge and will be open to all drivers. USSA is a co-sanction partner with ASC will not have any charges to participate in the event for any driver.